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How to Catch Big Carp

catch carp like a proThe right type of boilie is very popular when it comes to big carp because this baits success rate is among the best of any. However, it is important to factor in various points when fishing for larger carp. Fishing for this type requires a different set of tactics. Here, we will explore how to approach catching big carp.

Nervous Memory

Using fresh high-quality boilies gives you the best chance of catching large carp. However, this does not mean you are guaranteed to catch one. If you are casting off from a position that has had several people before you, and you have all used the same high-quality bait, the success rate of every fisherman would have decreased. Carp (especially large) develop a memory about certain scents. This means that if the same boilie is being used every time it will eventually lose all effectiveness. With this being said it all depends on the ‘life-cycle’ of this type of bait, and the reality is a lot of guess work goes into working out what stage a certain type of bait is in at any one point.

Trial and Error

With the point above in mind there are ways that you can try and work out at what point in its ‘life-cycle’ a certain type of bait is at. Start off by casting out what boilie you believe has the best chance of being successful. If you can see activity around your bait, but you are not getting any action, you can assume the bait is not effective. At the same time, if you cannot see any action around your area, it could just be down to a lack of carp, and if this is the case you should move and start again. Regardless of the action, it is important that you suss out the how the smaller carps are acting so you can pre-empt the actions of the bigger ones.

Think Differently

Big carp feed more because of their size, but they do not get caught as much. This is because they are cleverer than small carp. You need to outthink the big carp and to do this you need to change your strategy. To think differently and get better tactics you need to talk to people. Talk to local anglers online, or even talk to those who are fishing there already. Make sure you have the right baiting campaign in place. This will include strong pre baiting, which will give you a much better chance of catching something big.

Be Patient

The larger the carp the less chance you have of catching them this is because the bigger they get the more intelligent they are. This means that even if you get everything right you will still have to be patient. Fishing for big carp is like a game of chess. Often times it is about starting out with the right tactics and waiting to strike rather than going with nothing and hoping for the best.


Catching a large carp is one of the most rewarding feelings you can get when fishing in the UK. However, it is not easy. Following the steps above and using common sense will allow you to have the best chance of catching your next photo opportunity.