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Best Carp Catching Tips

Best Carp Catching Tips

best carp catching tips

Carp fishing tips are not as easy to find as you would expect. Even though carp fishing is one of the most common types in the UK, many people still do not have a clue. This means their potential success rate is a lot less than those who know just a few simple tips. In this guide, we will explore some of the best tips for catching carp.

Salty Foods

Carp fish love the taste of salt. Adding salt to particle baits at the rate of one table spoon per five litres is enough for the carp to pick up the taste of salt. This is a great tip that few people who fish know about. Furthermore, carp fish are more interested in rock salt than normal salt, so make sure you use rock salt.

Nutritional Foods

If you are fishing in the run-up to winter, nutritional baits will be much more successful than any other. At the same time, they are not the best baits to use in the spring and summer. If you are using a method mix, crushing up a single multi vitamin tablet into the mix will only increase your chances of catching carp.

High Attraction Bait

Carp fish are suckers for high attraction bait, even though the reality is they do not like it at all. If you are fishing for one day or overnight, using this bait is your best bet of. At the same time, if you are fishing for longer than 24 hours, high attraction bait will not work.

Cast to the Same Area Every Time

If you want to catch carp in a specific area, you need to cast there every time. The best way to do this is to place a small piece of tape on the line, cast out as far as you can and reel it in until you are in the right area.


Make sure you remember the general fishing tips as well as the ones that are aimed at carp above. For instance, try and locate the area of the fish in order to find the best place to cast off. Following the rules above and taking into account everything else you know about fishing will mean that your chances of reeling in successfully are much higher.