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The Best Time to Fish for Carp

morning fishingCatching carp is a skill and having the best possible carp rig and using it the right time makes your chances of catching carp better, but what is the answer to the question, what is the best time to catch carp? Here, we will explore this in more detail.

Why it is Important

Unless you are a professional, retired or do not have a job the time you get to fish will be limited because of other ‘more important’ matters. This is the main reason why it is imperative to ensure you go fishing at the right time, because even though it is nice to relax while fishing, the goal of fishing is to catch rather than relax, and those who think otherwise should book a trip to the beach!


Fishing on the sunny days may seem the most desirable, but it is well known that the sunniest days are not the best for fishing in big lakes because the fish move to deeper waters (which are usually found in the centre) to stay cool. Fishing on cloudy days stops them gathering in the centre, so they can be found all over the lake rather than in a place that you cannot reach when you cast. In the UK, late morning is ideal because the light morning sun warms the shallows to an acceptable temperature for fish.

Saltwater Fishing

If you enjoy saltwater fishing the best time to fish is during a rising or falling tide. This is because your bait will move around more, which should incite feeding.

Light Rain

A light rain in spring is often the best time to fish, and the reason for this is because the rain can wash insects from the bank into the water, and this can create a feeding frenzy for carp. Furthermore, the rain can cause slight hysteria among the fish because they have a harder time seeing where they are going and what they are eating, so when you pair these two factors together the chances that you will get a bite increase.


With this being said, fishing with the best carp rigs at exactly the right time can prove fruitless if the carps are not biting or there are none around. Furthermore, if the bait is wrong, then the rig will not be effective either. These are all things you need to take into account to have a successful trip.